Environment and Sustainable Development Expertise

CIMA GLOBAL has the expertise to conduct environmental and social studies as well as the management of rural development and the enhancement of the natural environment.


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)


Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)


Rural Development Master Plan


Inventory and Management of Natural Environments


Climate Change Management


Management and Integration of Government, Municipal and Rural Policies

Environment & Sustainable Development Sector

CIMA GLOBAL’s professionals have knowledge of issues related to populations, the environment and rural development. Our level of awareness of socio-economic and environmental issues in rural areas is reflected in targeted actions in the natural environments of the projects. Our approach to new ideas is always put in the forefront in order to gain both environmental and social acceptance.

CIMA GLOBAL thus carries out environmental and social impact studies (ESIAs), draws up management plans, designs planning, carries out field assessments, anticipates the mitigation of environmental risks and takes climate change into account.

Rural and agricultural development projects are catalysts for global and sustainable economic development. We handle all the components that bring together all the contingencies to increase the population’s income. These components are : agricultural development planning, hydro-agricultural development and opening up, rural drinking water supply, rural electrification, sanitation facilities, collective management systems, as well as any other component likely to improve the quality of life of the targeted populations.

Projects & Milestones


Study for the Installation of a Dairy Plant with a Capacity of 1,000 Litres in Djibo, Soum Province, Burkina Faso


Technical Assistance in Community Development, Financial Management and Monitoring and Evaluation at the Grassfield Participatory Decentralized Rural Development Project in Cameroon


Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) in Niger


Supervision of the Construction of a Dam and the Construction of the Cyili Marsh in Rwanda


Supervision of the Construction Works of Two Reservoir Dams (Nyarubogo and Rugeramigozi) for the Irrigation of the Nyarubogo and Rugeramigozi Marshes in Rwanda


Environmental Impact Assessment of the Construction Works of the Nyabarongo Hydroelectric Power Plant in Rwanda

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